Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sourdough baguette

The second project for my sourdough is sourdough baguette. Once again I adapted Baking Artisan Bread: 10 Expert Formulas for Baking Better Bread at Home by Ciril Hitz's  formula, instead of using a poolish with yeast, I used a sourdough leaven.

On Friday night I created the leaven.
1 tablespoon of my sourdough starter
105g Water
105g Strong Bread Flour

On Saturday night morning mix the leaven with the main dough.
Main dough
200g leaven
180g Strong Bread Flour
100g Water
20g Wholemeal Flour
5g Diastatic malt

Once the main dough is mixed, it was put in a plastic box for bulk fermentation and stretch and fold for 3 times. After 3 hours of bulk fermentation the main dough look like it's ready.

Divided the main dough into 2 small doughs and shaped to 2 baguettes for finally rising.

After about less than 2 hours, it seem they are already ready for the oven.

Baked for 30 minutes and here is the result.

Unfortunately,  my kids don't really like my sourdough bread. I'm not sure if I'll bake them again.

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