Saturday, 26 February 2011

EPI Baguette (Épi de Blé Baguette)

Last week I made the EPI first time, today I made the Epi again. Like last week I used the recipes from the book I borrowed from the libary Baking Artisan Bread: 10 Expert Formulas for Baking Better Bread at Home by Ciril Hitz. This time instead of using the Kenwood chef to knead the dough, I used my Panasonic bread machine to do that me. It did save me a lot of time and trouble. However because of the hydration level of the recipes is bit high, some of the dough stuck at the bottom of the bread machine and doesn't come off without using my fingers to scrape them out.

The dough was divided and shaped into 2 logs

Cut the logs with a pair of kitchen scissors
Put them on a rack to cool down

Have them for lunch

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hello world!

Hi it's me.
Programmer by day ... baker by night.
I love bread! Especially Hong Kong Style bread!